1. Are Recess Chocolates Healthy?

 Recess Dark Chocolates are a better-for-you chocolate that use simple, close to nature ingredients. None of our dark chocolate bars contain refined sugar, cane sugar, sugar alcohols, dairy, palm oil & gluten.


2. What does these chocolates taste like?

 Dark chocolate gets a bad rap for being bitter. Our Chocolate Clusters are made with organic house-ground cacao, our Chocolates boast a rich cocoa flavor. Bitterness not included.

3. Does this Chocolate contain sugar?

 Yes, our Dark Chocolate are sweetened with organic unrefined coconut sugar. We don’t use any refined sugars, cane sugar or sugar alcohols. Ingredients you can feel good about is what we’re all about.

4. What is the difference between refined sugar and unrefined sugar?

 In short, refined sugar is sugar that’s been processed. Refining sugar leads to a strip-down of the sugar’s natural minerals and nutrients. Unrefined sugar, on the other hand, is not processed and is said to be easier to digest. Our Chocolates are sweetened with organic unrefined coconut sugar. Welcome to the sweet life.

5. What are Flavanols?

 Flavanols are Compounds that help Improving Blood Pressure, Improves Blood Flow to the Heart and Brain & also Fights Cell Damage.

6. What are Antioxidants?

 Antioxidants are Compounds that helps anti-inflammatory properties, helps fight against some types of cancer cells & also promotes heart and lung health

7. What are theobromines?

 Theobromine are compounds that helps increased energy, healthy heart function & also a great mood elevator

8. What is Caffeine?

 Caffeine are compounds that helps increased alertness, mood enhancer & also improved memory