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Peanut Crunch Clusters

Peanut Crunch Clusters

Go nuts for this crunchy duo thats just what you need to take a break from the everyday monotony🥜💯

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When can you have it?

Anytime you're in the mood for a light delicious snack; 👌looking for a mid work snack to enhance your productivity; 💻got a sweet tooth craving that calls for a dessert; 🍫need a post workout boost 💪🏼

What to expect?

The classic peanut crunch enhanced by luscious cocoa giving an enticing sweet and savory combo that's hard to resist.


Roasted Peanuts, 46% Dark
Chocolate (cocoa mass, cocoa
butter), Sugar, Emulsifier (INS-322),
Vanillin, Soy


Recess Chocolates is committed to delivering your order within the given time frame. We ship throughout the week, except on Sundays and public holidays. To ensure that your order reaches you in good condition and in the shortest span of time, we ship through reputed courier agencies only.

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Simple Ingredients, unbeatable taste

We are obsessed with high quality real food that taste delicious.We apply these exacting standards to everything we do as we are evolving as we learn more about the food industry.


Are Recess Dark Chocolates Healthy?

Recess Dark Chocolates are a better-for-you chocolate that use simple, close to nature ingredients. None of our dark chocolate bars contain refined sugar, cane sugar, sugar alcohols, dairy, palm oil & gluten.

What Do the Chocolates taste like?

Dark chocolate gets a bad rep for being bitter. Our chocolate clusters including Roasted Hazelnut Clusters, Dark Sea Salt & Roasted Almond Clusters, Blueberry & Lemon clusters, Walnut Clusters, Sea Salt & Roasted Almond Clusters, Holy Matcha & Hazelnut Clusters, Peanut Crunch Clusters - don’t fit that stereotype. Made with organic house-ground cacao, our chocolates boast a rich cocoa flavor. Bitterness is not included.

What is the difference between refined sugar & unrefined sugar?

In short, refined sugar is sugar that’s been processed. Refining sugar leads to a stripdown of the sugar’s natural minerals and nutrients. Unrefined sugar, on the other hand, is not processed and is said to be easier to digest. Our Chocolates are sweetened with organic unrefined coconut sugar. Welcome to the sweet life.